SOUL ACTIVATION with ROK GOLOB feat. Big Band RTV Slovenia and Murat & Jose

Music with power and grace. Music that moves the Spirit of people across all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Music that is truly unforgettable…
From soft and soulful to burning with fire and passion, SOUL ACTIVATION delivers a concert that is electrifying, inspiring and disarming.

If you think you’ve heard it before – prepare yourself for surprising diversity… Heart-pounding, in your face grooves. Sweet, soulful vocals. Punchy, driving horn riffs. Power ballads. It’s gospel, funk, pop, r & b, blues, salsa – and so much more.

There is truly something for everyone. With a four-piece rhythm section, a live brass section and six-voice choir, you could say, “SOUL ACTIVATION is a sole foundation of voices, music, energy, light and LOVE.” Come experience the feeling of SOUL ACTIVATION.

The Band

Conductor, Composer & Solo-Synth: Rok Golob
Vocals: Susan Massengale, Sandra Adams, Tasia Woods, Maree Reed, Marcellus Smith and Ivan Hicks
Guitar: David Clark
Bass : Stephan Gibu
Keyboards: Brad Vinikow
Drums: Darrell “DJ “Johnson