Symphonic Ecstasy 2

Rok Golob, composer and conductor

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

Perpetuum Jazzile

Soloists: Gibonni, Tomi M (Siddharta), Nuška Drašček, KiNG FOO, Maja Keuc, Katrinas, Murat & Jose, Lana Trotovšek, Metalsteel, Nina Strnad, Omar Naber, Tinkara Kovač

The respected Slovene composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and conductor Rok Golob returns to Ljubljana with a new installment of his „Symphonic Ecstasy” project. Symphonic Ecstasy 2 is a musical spectacle on the largest scale, bringing together outstanding musicians from both the classical and popular spheres, and proving once again that music knows no boundaries. „For me, ecstasy is that remarkable feeling when one transcends one’s normal consciousness and passes to something higher. In a positive sense, you experience something very powerful. For myself I can say that when I am composing, particularly symphonic pieces, I am transported somewhere else and attract different energies ,” says Golob. For him, the symphony orchestra is „the perfect instrument, and expresses something terribly powerful, profound and exciting. It represents a connection between past, present and future, and allows us to travel along a river of light, full of emotions and energies.” The selected soloists, accompanied by the Zagreb Philharmonic, will inspire us to musical ecstasy.