Musicians on the album The Story of Laxeno:
Rok Golob — violin, electric violin, piano, synthesizers, programming
Gino Vannelli – vocal
Vinnie Colaiuta — drums
Jimmy Haslip – bass
Luis Conte — percussion
Katia Moraes – vocal
Oto Pestner – vocal
Bendik Hofseth – sax
Laxeno Symphony Orchestra
Laxeno Choir

With the opening track sounding like something from the soundtrack to “The Omen” movies or Carl Orff with a back beat, this immediately jumped out as an album of interest and quality and, as it unfolded, its abundant diversity became apparent. Slovenian composer, violinist and pianist Rok Golob has produced a truly fine album combining his classical leanings with rock and world music to stunning effect. The aformentioned dramatic and powerful opener “Entratum VI” ends abruptly with a squeal to be followed by the gentle but infectious violin melody of “Garden of Miracles” which develops over its five minute duration to display apparent African influence in the vocal parts. Vocalist Gino Vannelli is definitely in operatic mode on “In Eternimi” while the world influence returns on “Ariana”. Vinnie Colaiuta covers drumming duties throughout the album and, as always, he nails everything with precision, musicality, passion and a great drum sound. His super crisp hi hats lock “Ariana” in like only he can, while he gets his biggest workout and pulls off some spectacular fills on the closing track, “It’s Gonna Get You”.
“The Dance of Laxeno” adds another different flavour to the album, sounding reminiscent of Airto & Flora Purim or Sergio Mendes and once again, Vinnie’s drumming, in tandem with percussionist Luis Conte and bassist Jimmy Haslip, makes for a serious groove.
This is refreshingly eclectic album of many moods with a sound all of its own.

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